Thinking about moving out of lockdown? 5 reasons for using a local air tightness tester

It’s important that we think about the benefits of using a local air tightness tester as you think about your site moving out of lock down:

  1. Your health and your family’s health is paramount
  2. It will be important that we all continue to travel less.
  3. A local air tightness tester will visit a smaller number of sites
  4. They will have good local knowledge to avoid Covid-19 hot spots
  5. They will be working in their own local community and so will rigorously observe the PPE requirements

So source air tightness tests locally! As an airtightness tester covering Cumbria and Lancaster – places like Carlisle, Penrith, Workington, Barrow and Kendal, please get in touch if I can help – I’m happy to answer questions during this lockdown period or please join me for one of my webinars on airtightness.

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