On-line Energy Advice

The current Covid-19 situation is difficult for all of us to deal with and it means that we have had to re-think the way in which we communicate with each other and the way we work.

In normal times, I spend a significant amount of my time testing properties and advising people about what they can do to reduce their home energy bills and impact on the environment – the conversation is always based around the needs of the client, but topics may include materials, moisture, ventilation , renewables, etc – whatever the client is trying to address.

Though clearly some aspects cannot be discussed without seeing the property, it is possible to discuss some issues without having to visit the property. During lockdown, I have therefore started to offer On-line Energy Advice for certain topics – it’s carried out over Zoom. Clients can make their own notes during the conversation and, because I haven’t actually seen the property in person, I have to make some assumptions. We all have to accept there are limitations with this service, but it’s the best we can do under current circumstances!

Thermal image of thermal bypass in dot and dab plaster boarded walls