5 Easy Steps to Improve an EPC rating

From 1 April 2020, private rented sector properties that are let on assured or regulated tenancies (subject to certain criteria) need to be Band E minimum, whether the property is being let to a new or existing tenant.

If you are a landlord and own an F or G band property, here are 5 easy steps to improve the rating. If you would like more information or help with your properties, contact me now!

1. Old buildings

If it’s an old solid wall property and the EPC was produced in Nov 2017 or early, get another EPC produced. Some of the key data behind the EPC was changed in November 2017 and this step alone may lift a Band G or Band F property to Band E.

2. Access to loft hatch

Make sure the EPC assessor can access the loft hatch when they come to do a site visit – so move that wardrobe from under it!! If they can’t access the hatch, the loft insulation may not be taken into account.

3. Light bulbs

Fit low energy light bulbs wherever you can – an empty light socket counts against the property rather than being neutral!

4. Cavity Wall Insulation Certificate

If the property has cavity wall insulation but it can’t be clearly seen from the outside of the building, make sure you give the EPC Assessor a copy of the certificate.

5. Central heating boiler details

Make sure the central heating boiler info – make, model and “GC no” are clearly visible on the outside of the boiler

More tips to follow!!