Air tightness tested amazing holiday accommodation in central Lake District

A few weeks ago, I tested the most amazing holiday accommodation – Riverside Terrace at Stepping Stones – it is between Ambleside and Rydal in the Central Lake District. The building (3 separate units) is part circular, beautifully designed and has the most amazing views – as well as stunning environmental credentials.  I would love to stay there!!!

Private Landlords: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) – Delay of RdSAP update

In Cumbria there are a high percentage of solid wall properties, so the change in RdSAP that improves the U-values assumed for solid walls has been looked forward to, particularly by private landlords that are going to be affected by the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). These regulations apply from April 2018 and prohibit new rentals…

Passivhaus principles – brilliant air tightness result for pragmatic low cost approach!

On Friday, I carried out an intermediate air pressure test on Daisy Bank Cottage near Kendal. The self-builder, Alex Burn of 4site has taken a pragmatic approach to his build – keeping the design as simple as possible and primarily using standard materials available through local builders merchants. The building is masonry construction and Alex has applied basic Passivhaus principles…

MEES – Private landlords unable to rent Band F & G properties from April 2018

MEES – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards – doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, but there has been an important publication in the last few days – The Private Rented Property Minimum Standard – landlord guidance documents. This provides the full detail of the requirements on private landlords from April 2018 Document available here: