Domestic Quotes

Thanks for your enquiry regarding air tightness testing.

Please find details of the cost of an air pressure test outlined below. There is more information regarding airtightness testing in the notes on my website at

Please read through these notes and let me know if there is anything else I need to be aware of. Once you’ve read through the notes, please can you give me an idea when the building will be ready for testing and I can suggest some dates. If you are aiming to achieve very low air permeability (Passivhaus standard or near), please download the Passivhaus notes as a different methodology is used.

If you have to achieve an air permeability of lower than 5, it would be a good idea for us to have a further discussion as soon as possible to help you to achieve this standard.

Could you please note that the heating must not be on for the 24 hours ahead of the test and the building should have cooled to within 5 degrees of ambient temperature for the on-completion test and that someone needs to be available on the day of the test (with suitable caulking materials) in order to carry out remedial work identified – I stay on site testing until the property has achieved the Design SAP air permeability or until I’ve concluded that it isn’t possible to achieve a pass on the building without further, more serious remedial action.

If you would like to go ahead with the test, I will need the following a few days before the test:

•             Full address of the property inc. postcode

•             PDF Floor plans and sections

•             Design SAP calculation (to give me the design air permeability)

Please note that I can’t carry out a test for certification if the weather is too windy (as well as the building needing to be within 5 degrees of external temperature). I normally check the forecast about 3 days in advance of the test date and confirm final arrangements then as the forecast is usually pretty reliable by that point.

Charges for air pressure testing (including certification where required)

o             2 properties on the same site tested on the same day – £550

o             3 properties on the same site tested on the same day – £650

The above prices are for domestic and small non-domestic buildings. Larger non-domestic buildings are quoted on an individual basis.

Travel at HMRC rates will be applied in addition to these charges.

Where a building has not been prepared to the standard outlined in the explanatory notes and / or significant remedial work is required to improve the air permeability result, there may be an additional charge for the extra time spent on site.

The above prices are not subject to VAT (I’m not registered for VAT) and payment for tests is required in advance of the test(s) taking place.